We need you…and candy.  We need a lot of you and a lot of candy.  The Annual Harvest Party is in two weeks and we need more volunteers and we need a TON of candy to make all of the wee harvest partyers smile.  So please sign up or let Misty know that you will help out ASAP and bring candy to the church office sometime in the next week, then bring some more!

Ok, business done.
This past weekend was our annual Coppess Family Applebutter weekend.  Each October since well, anyone can remember my whole Coppess family gets together at someone’s home and we get out the BIG pot, peel dozens of bushels of apples and make gallons and gallons of apple butter.  This year we made over 22 gallons.  We also make a ton of apple pies and apple crisp…and eat really good.  While there are years not everyone can make it, or can only make it to one day or even just part of a day, it is family time that each generation cherishes and holds sacred.

Sometimes when I explain what we do to people they barely believe me.  “People still do stuff like that?”  They are not referring to making apple butter, but rather coming together as a whole family.  Well, we do.  It is hard, we all live uber-paced lives with kids in sports, band, plays, and so much more.  Weekends are clogged with activities that we just can’t seem to miss.  But you know what?  What we really can’t miss is family.  There is just so much relational value in spending time together.  In our case we now have four generations not just working together, but loving each other for a whole weekend.  It is truly priceless.

This year Psalm 133:1 came to my mind as we wrapped up the canning process: “How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!”  We Coppess’ aren’t perfect, sometimes we bicker, sometimes we hurt each other.  But we also try to come together, show each other grace and forgiveness, and love each other.  It’s not always easy, but we try. 

I pray that we try harder and that our Calvary family does the same, both for each other and our individual families.  And if you want some apple butter, all you have to do is ask.